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Penicuik & District Model Flying Association Club Rules

  • The use of Harelawmoor flying field is restricted to members of the P.D.M.F.A. or guests of members who have S.A.A or other insurance. UNINSURED FLYERS ARE NOT PERMITTED. Guests and visitors must produce proof of insurance before flying.

  • All members and guests of members using Harelawmoor flying field must be familiar with and abide by, the S.A.A. safety code and P.D.M.F.A rules.

  • Inexperienced student or junior members of the P.D.M.F.A. must seek the advice and assistance of an experienced member whilst learning to fly.

  • NB. It is a condition of the insurance cover that learner pilots must (after their first solo flight) complete at least five further flights under the supervision of an experienced flyer before being allowed to fly by themselves on a regular basis. The last flight is to be under the direction of a Committee member.

  • DO NOT fly at any height over the pit area, parked cars, spectators, or other pilots. Flying over the road is not encouraged for obvious reasons. Fly with your back to the road.

  • All pilots should use the designated take-off area during flying sessions and the first turn after take-off should be away from the road, parked cars or passing vehicles.

  • If a model veers towards the road on take-off, the take-off must be aborted.

  • Reckless or careless flying is not allowed.

  • All pilots must move away from the runway immediately after take-off or landing and go to the designated pilot's stance or pits.

  • Before switching on a transmitter each member or guest must ensure that their channel is clear. Pegs bearing channel number and pilots name must be attached to the channel number board.

  • All engines must be effectively silenced. Prolonged engine tuning in the pits is not allowed. Engines must not be tuned on the runway.

  • All planes must be carried between the pit area and the taxi area.

  • Use a mat or suitable protection under the model next to the flight box to prevent fuel contamination of the grass in the pits. Keep the field tidy; remove all litter, broken parts, rubber bands etc. Keep the gate closed and chained. Remember we share the field with animals.

  • Members and their guests must not turn their cars in the road. Use the area of the gas station which is a quarter of a mile further up the road. This is to prevent damage to the farmers fencing from carelessly reversed cars. Quote from the farmer: I can't stop you from turning in the road, but I can stop you flying!

  • Pilots flying I.C. planes with engines 20cc or greater must have a helper when flying.

  • All pilots must fly legally. Model aircraft must have the pilots Flyer ID and Operator ID either displayed externally or easily accessible on internal panels.

       Updated 2/1/23

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